I am at Camp!

My blog activity has been a little bit light this past week because I have been at camp.  I'll even admit that this is an old picture!  My time has been consumed with friends, cleaning, food and Teddy.

Friends came up this past weekend because they had a three day (Canadian) weekend.  I drove up separately from The Big Guy with the pup.  That gave me extra time to clean.  Our friends arrived Saturday morning and fell in love with Sodus and our RV park. They are new to RV'ing so I prepared a small package of things I thought they would find helpful.

We cooked many great meals and showed them the area.  They had invited friends to visit too, a nice couple who came by for dinner on Sunday.  I have been eating left-overs all week.

It was a seriously bad winter for stink bugs.  Some of our cabinets were full of dead ones.  Once I'm back at home, I'll post about some of the clean-up I've had to do.  Lake Ontario has started another serious flood season.  The village is suffering, which is tough to see.

Teddy is happy to be back and has been a very bad girl.  This year she has decided that there are too many people she is being kept from on a regular basis.  We have had a number of jail breaks. I have to be very mindful of her when I open our door.  She tries to slip out and will dash off to find someone to visit.  We never had this problem in the past, but it seems now that she wants to be with certain folks here and will look for any opportunity to get to them.  I do get her in the bay every day (the lake itself is too muddy from run-off), and we walk in the village (which is very wet).

TBG will be back up Friday night and another set of friends will be in for the Memorial Day weekend.  It looks like the summer has begun!


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    1. If she were truly a prisoner, it would be hard to give her time off for good behavior. She has generally good doggy manners, but a real penchant to misbehave for MOMMY!

  2. Good to hear that Teddy is feeling great enough to get into mischief. Enjoy your time at camp!

    1. That is what I need to remind myself! She prances and plays keep away with the ball when I take her to swim, which I tend to find infuriating. I need to take a deep breath and realize the day when she stops being a bad girl, is the day she really isn't well. Thanks for the mind-reset!

  3. Sound like a lovely place and hope all is having a lovely time.
    Coffee is on


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